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This is a story of a young man whose parents were very rich. He enjoyed the comfort within the home as long as he remains at home. Nothing is lacking because all things were made available by the father of this young man.

There came a day in the life of this young man that he taught he needs to go out there. The quest to know what is out there made this young man walked up to his father and said unto him, “Father; all these years you have protected me, you have all things available unto to me so that life can be meaningful to me but one more thing that you have failed to do is that you have deprived me the opportunity of going out there to know what is outside.” The father exclaimed, “But you have everything that you ever needed and if they are not enough, I will do more but the son insisted.”

He demanded from the father articles of gold, silver and other precious valuables. He got them together and left. I wish the boy could learn from the story of a young virgin who sojourned with her father and brothers to a strange land, while in that strange land, she failed to keep her estate and she went out to see the daughters of the land but little did she know that, outside there, among the daughters of the land were ravenous wolves in sheep clothes laying wait and lurking in the secret places of the city to destroy her. The young lady fell prey of one the ravenous wolves in the land. She lost the precious gift that can only be given once unto man by the GOD himself. She returned battered and dejected.

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It is often said, that in the multitude of counsel, there is safety; but this young man was hell bent on going out. He left the comfort of home to a far desert, where the valuables are of no benefit to him, he despised all but after a little time, he remembered his home and wept the same manner the children of Israel wept by the rivers of Babylon when they remembered Zion.

He planned his way back home but to his amazement, the father has been waiting for his return. Where are you right now is the problem but are you ready to go back home where you will enjoy the comfort and provisions made by the father of the home? Because you stay outside the home only makes you vulnerable and susceptible to the attacks of the ravenous wolves and wastage of the eternal values in you. God is the father, the unsaved soul is the young man but dear reader, no matter where you are or how far you have gone, the father is waiting for your return.

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