Rev. Uja, the Executive Secretary, Nigerian Christian Pilgrim Commission (NCPC), advised all Christians and Muslims to come together as one and make Nigeria a project to focus on. Uja made the call at the opening ceremony for joint National Hajj Commission (NAHCON) and NCPC meeting on the way forward to boost the interfaith conference that the NCPC and NAHCON plan to organize. They both met in February and agreed to have an interfaith conference which will involve the two religions

No nation will be able to bring Nigeria down if the two faiths can come together and make Nigeria our project and agenda, the time has come for the two faiths to act as one people with a destiny. Rev. Uja says Nigeria needs a safe environment, a developed country and an arrangement for the citizens to enjoy the good of the land.

Recession is also a lesson that our nation needs to be more productive in our entire lives than just being careless in what we do, he says. Everyone must focus on increasing the productivity of Nigerian including the leaders. A wrong thing have been dish out to our country which have made our youth lack ideas of how to do things better but rather concentrate on spending money in things that doesn’t improve the country.

“We need to change that focus.’’ He called on Nigerians to build on values and visions to make Nigeria the hope of black people in the world, adding that every black man whether Christian or Muslim would find peace in the country. God has made it known that Nigeria is not for just a religion, a tribe but a place for everyone.

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“Christianity and Islam must think of what to give to Nigerians, we must also make up our minds that pilgrimage must be productive and a pay back to Nigeria. “We must go on pilgrimage and come back with new ideas, new lifestyles, new direction and to help build our country,’’ Uja said.

Alhaji Abdullahi Mohammed, Chairman NAHCON, called on Nigerians to rise up and work for national peace, integration and towards mobilizing the entire faithful of Nigeria to understand and appreciate the nation.

He also said that mobilizing the faithful towards initiating understanding and mutual respect among the people would lead the present generation and generations yet unborn to a prosperous nation. “We want to have harmonious working relationship among ourselves. There is no amount of energy towards initiating understanding mutual respect among people that will be a waste “It is something that the generation yet unborn will gain from.’’ he said.