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God knows the importance of time, and he places a high priority on time management.  Ephs 5 vs 16 says “redeeming  the time because the days are evil”.

What is Time Management?

The modern concept of time management – It is the act of planning the amount of time you spend on which activities. Time management is a booming business—everyone wants to get more done and control time wasters. But for Christians the need to manage time is even more urgent. Time management experts and philosophers are fond of reminding us that our time is our life. Whatever controls our time, controls our life.

Most of us deal with some of these feelings at times:

“I can’t get everything done!”

“I am a slave to the clock—I can’t even take a breather!”

“I am busy all the time, but I never feel like I’m getting the important things done!”

“With so many pressing priorities, it can be hard to know what to do next.”

“When I take a day off, time just seems to slip away and I feel like it was a wasted day.”

We face different time challenges, but generally we have the same desire: To make the best use of our time to accomplish the things we feel are truly important. The thing that makes Christian time management different is the source of what we consider important. That source is God. So a good starting place is to consider how God looks at time and what He wants us to learn from time management.




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