Choir Leader, Oluwalonibisi Releases Latest Album

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The current praise team leader at The Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM) Abeokuta, Oluwalonibisi recently dropped his second album; ‘Hymns To Him’.

It is a 73-minute play of nonstop hymnal songs. It captures high praise, deep worship, plus prayer and consecration hymns carefully selected to enhance your worship experience and fellowship with GOD.

Over 70 hymns are loaded into this album and they have different genres of music, plus a bonus track, “Alaanu mi”. The album has songs both in English and Yoruba language.

For more than 13 years, Oluwalonibisi has been consistent in his pursuit of passing the gospel message through songs. He has graced diverse platforms fulfilling this mission with great result, through the help of the Holy Spirit. His first album titled ‘Come To Me’ was released in 2013 and a few singles were released thereafter.

With regards to his latest album, Oluwalonibisi stated; “I believe this music work will take every listener to another level of fellowship and bring about divine manifestations. There will be testimonies beyond the ones we got from our previous release in Jesus name. AMEN!”

The CD is marketed and distributed nationwide by Sybuk Communications.

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