A Missouri woman Charlotte Holmes is eagerly telling everyone her experience about the day she died and found herself in heaven

It was an unforgettable encounter that transformed her life totally.

She was admitted to Cox South Hospital, Springfield Missouri last September for a routine appointment with her cardiologist.

However, Charlotte suffered an attack of stroke and died at the hospital.

She spoke to CNN News’ The Prayer Link ” I came above my body and when I was above my body I looked down and…I could see 12 nurses. I could see the person on top of me doing chest compressions. I did not fear, I did not have any of that. I just felt contented. It was amazing.”

Afterwards she saw and heard the most captivating thing she could ever think of.

“All of a sudden I opened my eyes and I knew, I knew I wasn’t home,” she explained. “I knew that I had gone to my heavenly home.”

“And almost immediately, from what I could tell, I heard music,” Charlotte described. “I’d seen the trees, and the flowers and everything and it was swaying with the music… the praise of the angels and the people there.” 

“I smelt the most beautiful flowers I have ever smelt in my life,” she continued. “There’s no flowers on this earth that smell like that.”

Charlotte Holmes said she saw her family and friends who were deceased as she was standing at the “pearly gates”

“There were so many more behind them, all my friends, all my family, the saints of old,” she continued. “There’s no words to express (it).”

“I looked and there stood my family. My mom, my dad, my sister, my best friend,” she said. “They looked young. They didn’t have glasses. My cousin that had had a leg cut off, had both legs. They looked like they were in their thirties.”

In addition, Charlotte remarked that she saw a child in heaven.

“At the feet of my mom and dad was this toddler. I thought, ‘who was that?’ and I heard the voice. We all know it. We’re Christians, we know God’s voice and I heard Him say to me ‘that’s your child’.”

Charlotte’s baby boy had died around forty years before when she was almost six months pregnant. She said she was dejected as a result of not being able to say goodbye to her child.

She told Ozark County Times: “Of course, back then, they didn’t let you hold them. They didn’t let you bury them… I didn’t get to hold that child.” 

Charlotte Holmes asserted that she looked back and saw her family on earth as they were weeping.

She further clarified: “I said, ‘but God I wanted to see my grandkids get married’. And all of a sudden God said, ‘You have a choice. You can stay home or you can go back. But if you go back you must tell of this experience. You must bring home as many as you can’.”

She affirmed that she knew instantly that she had to come back. Consequently, she has made it her assignment to share her experience

“Heaven is more than what we even think,” Holmes continued

“Heaven is more beautiful than what you can imagine. And, praise God, He’s given us a chance to share our stories… to share God’s love,” she said. “We’ve got to bring home as many as we can”



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