CAN Declares 3-Day Prayer for Late Army General

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), has declared 3 days of prayer for the late Chief of Army Staff.

The Association released a statement saying, “We call on all Nigerians to join us in CAN on May 28-30 to pray to God in the attitude of mourning and soberness for the unprecedented shedding of innocent blood in our nation and to pray to God for his quick intervention in our situation so that normalcy might return.”

In the statement, CAN commiserates with the President, the military and the families of the dead officers.

The Association calls on the appropriate body to carry out investigations to determine the cause of the ill-fated crash. It advocates for adequate measures to avert similar tragedy from happening in the future.

In addition, it states that all military aircraft pass a quality process before they are certified to fly. Also, the personnel training should be nothing short of excellent.

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