Business Email Etiquette (1)

Businesses today operate in a highly competitive market in which high-speed communication and information transfer is essential. Most of the activities in today’s offices are electronic, using computer-based technology. With e-mail, messages are keyed into a computer workstation and then transmitted to the recipients who could be across the globe. Hence there is the need to apply extra politeness, respect and courtesies in emails.

Below are some points to consider when sending emails.

  • In business use, try not to use abbreviations which you may use when e-mailing personal friends.
  • Basic courtesy and respect should always be employed. Proper email etiquette, as with letter writing etiquette, it should start off addressing the recipient TO: In addition, you should always send business related emails with a clearly typed subject title into SUBJECT: space in an email.

Endeavour to always compose a SMART subject line that is






This quickly helps your recipient identify your email and can respond to it quickly. It is rude to leave it blank and let the other person figure out what is it that you require or need.

It is important to note that what you put in your subject line can often mean the difference between whether your message is read right now, today, next week or never!

  • Signing off

Do not forget your email manners as you sign off. You should also end your email politely with, Yours sincerely, and insert your name a line below. There are many ways to sign off, depending on the formality of the email.

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The proper business email etiquette is to at least include a business phone number and company name below your ‘sign off message’.

This is known as the “Email Signature” where you can customize in most email programs. Free popular web email programs like Gmail and Yahoo Mail have this function too.

This is to provide the recipient quick identification and more ways to contact you. i.e. phone, fax etc. Or keep your email as a contact reference for future business dealings.

In conclusion, the internet has made it possible for us to communicate with people from all over the world. The only way those people can form an opinion of you is by looking at the way you write. Your credibility could be ruined with one swift click of the ‘send’ button.

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