Pastor Sam Adeyemi practically needs no introduction. He is an insightful teacher, the president of Success Power Media and the Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Centre (a church with the vision of raising role models of excellence). With a mandate from God to teach people Bible based principles of success, he has authored several books on successful living.

In the 148 paged book, Success is who you are, Sam Adeyemi explores the subject of Success whilst teaching principles such as Transformation, Imagination, Thoughts, Planning, Emotions, Association, Words and Action.

Away from many of the motivational books that seek to only inspire, “Success is who you are” takes you through a practical journey of re-orientation towards the issue of success.

The book was further broken down into 15 chapters and 7 headings that include
1. Success is who you are
2. Success is what you think
3. Success is what you see
4. Success is what you know.
5. Success is how you feel
6. Success is what you say
7. Success is what you do


Success is who you are which examines critically the idea of being a success as a part of your make up not as a measure of what you have or what you’ve done. It further explains that whatever you end up achieving as a person comes up as an offshoot of who you are as a person.


Success is who you think delves into the principles of Success based on what is in your thought patterns. Therefore it would be essential to train our minds to challenge conventional thinking and base our thinking strictly on the word of God.

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Success is what you see explores the principles of having God-oriented visions, imaginations and Dreams. It would be practically impossible to achieve anything in the physical that has not come to realization in the place of Dreams, visions and Imaginations. It would be safe to conclude then that there is a need to receive divinely inspired Visions and Dreams from God which we can follow through in life.


Success is what you Know opens us up to how our desire for information, education, our access to revelation from the Holy Spirit and lastly the kind of association we have ultimately determines the quality of life that we live.


Success is how you feel exhorts on the importance of positive emotion in our day to day life and how they ultimately affect our state of mind. Hence, the need to build our emotional strength and feelings create “magnetic fields” that either attract or repel events around us.


Success is what you say digs deep into the principle of talking Success into reality. The reality of our lives today is to a large extent harvests from the seeds we sowed with our mouth. Therefore, it is expedient that we surround ourselves with positive affirmations and never feel on negative speech.


Finally, Success is what you do examines thoroughly the principle of action. It is not only important to know most of these things. More important is the need to take action on the principles and theories that we have learnt and explored because it is in the realm of action that are in deep success finds full expression.

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Source: Bolu Akindele