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WHEN THE HEAVENS ARE CLOSED is a practical answer to several perplexities in our present day spiritual experiences. Every man operates under a “heaven space”. Men of old succeeded in their ministries operated under “open heavens”. No man ever succeeded in his service as long as the heavens remained closed to him. Do you yearn for a revival in your life, community and in your generation…?

You need to read this book! The author in his usual simple but moving style, has clearly and practically examined the issue of the condition of the ‘heavens’ over our life. What happens when the heavens are closed to a man, a preacher, a land, or a people? What causes it? How can we secure “open heavens” and perpetually walk under it? These are issues we must address if we are to have and perpetuate the revival we all yearn for.

When last did you check the conditions of the heavens over your head? This book will help you discover where you stand if you must strike your generation with your life and ministry.



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