“Black Sunday” – an Interdenominational Prayer meeting against Southern Kaduna attacks

Christians at a prayer meeting have stated that God will fight all perpetrating inexcusable attacks on Southern Kaduna communities.

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Kaduna State chapter had initiated a one month interdenominational prayer session every Sunday. The meeting tagged ‘Black Sunday’ is against the continued attacks and unjustified killings in Southern Kaduna.

The prayers, which held at the Evangelical Winning All Church (ECWA) Narayi High Cost captivated Christians in thousands, had the worshippers all dressed in black attires.

"Black Sunday"

They engaged in earnest prayers for peace in Nigeria, Kaduna State and Southern Kaduna.

Various pastors took turns to lead the congregation in sessions of prayers against the killings.

They summoned God to intervene and restore peace in all the troubled areas and fight the battles of the helpless.

The president of the United Church of Christ in Nigeria (HEKAN) Rev. Amos G. Kiri, who took his reading from Psalms 46 vs 1- 11, charged the congregation not to be weary with the happenings but raise their voices to God in prayers.

He noted any government that is not anxious about the well-being of her citizens does not deserve to be called a government.

He summoned Christians in government to speak against all forms of injustice against the church in Nigeria.

“Insensitive government and leaders must wake up from their slumber, government must listen to our cry, the killings in southern Kaduna must stop, enough is enough and what is good for the goose should be good for the gander,” he stated.

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Chairman Kaduna CAN Reverend Joseph Hayab solicited for continued prayers for God to expose those behind the killings.

He also beseeched Christian leaders with specific mention of Bishop David Oyedepo, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, Pastor Dr. Paul Eneche and several others to speak up and not keep quiet against the killings.

President Southern Kaduna Peoples Union (SOKAPU) Hon. Jonathan Asake appreciated the church for standing with them in prayers.

He stated that the killings must not be given political colouration but condemned as a crime against humanity.