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Bishop TD Jakes

Bishop TD Jakes

The Presiding Bishop of Potter House in Dallas, Texas, Bishop T.D. Jakes weeps with the rest of America because of the tragic Orlando mass shooting, which claimed the lives of 50 people, including the slain gunman, and injured 53 others.

Jakes says whenever senseless acts of violence such as this occur, it is important for Americans to stand together as one.

He says in a short video message shared on his Facebook page; “I wanted to take a moment to share a statement with you that is on my heart and on the hearts of many, if not millions of Americans around this country.

“Our heart goes out to Orlando as you face this devastation that occurred this weekend.”

Jakes explains the victims did not deserve what happened, adding that he considers the terror attack as “the second largest travesty to hit this country as an act of terrorism since 9/11.”

“The only good thing about that devastating terrorist attack in September 2001, was that it brought Americans together.”

He expects Americans will do the same now after the Orlando massacre.

Bishop Jakes further reveals; “There has been some discussion as to whether it is a hate crime or not. Really, it’s both.

“But whether you are hated as African-Americans or hated in South Carolina—simply going in to have prayer on a Wednesday night—or whether you are part of the LGBT community and hated because you decided to go out on a Friday or Saturday night, you ought to be able to leave and go wherever you want to go and decide to go without fear of losing your lives by some extreme person who takes into their own hands to take lives senselessly.”

For those who have been victimised by the Orlando attack, Jakes says he stands with them, prays with them, and loves them.

He is encouraging them to continue hanging on to hope because “we will get through this in some kind of way together.”