The bishop of the sanctuary gospel church, bishop Azogu sees President Muhammadu Buhari as an ordained president from God. He urges Nigerians to pray regularly for the president, because if he dies the forces of darkness will take over Nigeria.

In one of Bishop Azogu’s messages during a church service in Lagos, he says the president’s tenure has been ordained by God.

He made this statement following a said revelation he received from God

In this revelation he was told that if president Buhari died, a satanic organization would force its way into the government and rule over Nigeria. He was also told that the spiritual symbol of the satanic group was that of a  dragon, and so he encouraged the church to pray against it.

He went further to say that God had equipped the president to fight against these forces.

The bishop urges Nigerians to pray for Buhari’s health and support his government.