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A Man of God here in Nigeria was speaking about  his recent experiences in ministry and he shared the following story.

A woman went for normal weekly prayers organised by a young man who claimed that he “operates with the mantle of Prophet Elijah”. She is happily married with three children and lives with them at Onitsha. The Prophet called the car number of a black Prado Jeep and ordered the owner to come out and she did. She was told that those that were not happy with the progress of her family took her name, that of her husband and the three children, and buried their names in a coffin at a cemetery.
He told the terrified woman that her whole family because of the spiritual burial will die one day. When the woman met the prophet for solution, she was asked to go and get the price of the most expensive coffin at APAMS, a funeral service company at Onitsha. N250, 000 was the most expensive and she was told that each member of the family will bring N250,000 as sacrificial seed to the church for the exchange of their lives or the whole family will die in one day within two weeks.

The family in fear were about to pay when someone brought the couple to his church while he was ministering in a crusade at St Dominic Catholic Church Fegge Onitsha. He simply dismissed the whole thing as a scam while he prayed with the family against the spirit of death that had been projected. He asked them not to pay a dime to the man since he used both fear tactics and pressure technique on the family. After two weeks, he told them that they will all die in four months if the sacrificial seed of N1.25 million is not given to him. The 4 months ultimatum expired and not even a member of the family was sick. The woman called him some days later to inform him that the prophet was calling and threatening them with death even when they have stopped going to him for prayers.

Please never allow anyone to use negative prophecies, fear or pressure to scam you of your hard earned money. These are evil days! You are to understand God’s plans for your life according to the Bible. Walk safely in Jesus and dwell in peace in Jesus Name!