Benny Hinn – Nigeria Will Experience Change Soon

Pastor Benny Hinn has revealed what God told him about Nigeria at a Crusade organized by Christ Embassy in Abuja.

The Popular Televangelist, Author also urged Christians to be ready for what the Lord has promised to do in Nigeria.

”God is sending an anointing of authority. God is exalting His name in the nation, Nigeria. God will do it in the next few weeks. God is going to bring change into the political system of Nigeria.

Fast for 3 weeks and when you fast, target the individuals you want to see removed. This time, we must take the kingdom by force. Target the individuals by name and position. No nation is stronger than the anointing of God. No nation is stronger than the spiritual forces in it”.

Words are powerful but our words are more powerful. The church is going to affect the economy of Nigeria positively. LoveWorld is going to plow the mentality of the politicians in Abuja. We will pray for prosperity to rest in Nigeria and all power that is not of God will be defeated.

Worshippers at the Crusade which took place at Eagles Square in Abuja

There’s going to be a wealth transfer from the sinners to the Children of God. There have been six wealth transfers already recorded in the Bible, and we are No. 7 on our way to heaven. Hallelujah!!

Benny Hinn is the author of a number of inspirational Christian books. His thirty-minute TV program This Is Your Day is among the world’s most-watched Christian programs, seen on various Christian television networks, including Trinity Broadcasting Network, Daystar Television Network, Revelation TV, Grace TV, Vision TV, INSP Networks, and The God Channel.

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