Bashir Mohammad, a former al-Qaeda Jihadist, was first radicalized by his cousin at the age of 15, before he later joined Nusra Front in 2012 about a year after the outbreak of the Syrian civil war.

Mohammad said that as a fighter, he witnessed extreme terrorism against perceived enemies of God.

According to him, they were manipulated into believing that the people they persecuted were God’s enemies, and so he looked on these executions positively.

However, after noticing there was no marked difference between the Nusra group and the Syrian government it was at war with, he began questioning the group’s extreme brutality.

Mohammed fought Syrian Civil War with the Nusra Front, an al-Qaeda affiliate.

After giving his life to Christ he became scared that the Jihadists will come for his life. He still lives and now a devoted Christian in Istanbul, Turkey, where he resides and attends the church weekly services .