Background Does Not Limit Success

Pastor Paul Ojoh of the Shepherd House International Assembly Jos said the social background of an individual should not constitute a barrier to achieving one’s dream in life. Ojoh, in a sermon titled: “The invading forces’, delivered on Sunday in Jos, declared that background should not constitute barrier to confident people that believed in their capacities.“Nobody was a child by mistake; everyone has a special purpose on earth, no matter the circumstances of his or her birth. “The strong believer must be an `invader’ so as to be able to penetrate barriers and obstacles. “He or she must be able to convert problems to opportunities because a problem is only a hurdle to the top. “You must believe in yourself even if nobody believes in you because; `invaders’ do not consider their backgrounds”, he said. He advised people on three mentalities they must imbibe, to succeed in life. “We must know that life is too short to be wasted. We must also know that time is no friend and must be maximized. “We must also be ready to pounce on lurking opportunities because they can knock anytime,” he said. He challenged Nigerians to always accept responsibility and use their ability to the maximum. “As a nation, we must stop looking for excuses as to the cause of our predicament; we must strive to be assets and contribute toward a prosperous nation,” he said. The preacher cautioned against inferior complex, pointing out that it could make one timid. “When you are timid, you will miss opportunities because you may not even notice them,” he said.

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Source: Naijachurchnews

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