Dermatologist Reveals How to Emit Fresh Fragrance Always

Contrary to popular beliefs that some people are born with body odour, dermatologists have said this is untrue. According to a consultant dermatologist (name withheld), body odour is not congenital. He reiterated that there are two types of sweat glands in the body; these are the eccrine gland which is located all over the body and the apocrine gland which is found in the genital areas and the armpit.

He explained further that the two sweat glands are connected to hair follicles and body odour is from the apocrine gland. He explained that the glands only start to function at puberty and that is why body odour becomes more obvious after adolescence.

Obesity has also been found to trigger odour because sweat could be trapped between the folds of skin.

However, it can be curtailed if people maintain proper personal hygiene and use deodorants and anti-perspirants. Deodorants suppress the odour of sweat, while anti-perspirants minimize sweating.

It is also important to take baths daily, washing the body with soap and water, particularly areas with many sweat glands, these include; the armpits, groin and feet.

Washing the body regularly removes sweat and limits the number of bacteria which can act upon them.



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