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Arizona’s Dream City Church  has been compelled to retract claims on newly installed technology as air company stated that it cannot kill corona virus.

The Arizona’s Dream City Church excitedly declared some days ago that it had installed air purifiers that can “kill 99.9% of COVID-19 within 10 minutes.” Right now, they have been compelled to retract their claims.

Safe and protected

With great enthusiasm, the church’s Senior Pastor, Luke Barnett, was thrilled to announce saying: “when you come into our auditorium, 99% of COVID is gone – killed. So you know when you come here, you’ll be safe and protected.”

The church is the venue Donald Trump used last weekend for his Arizona rally.

Surrogates, not COVID-19

However, the company installing the air purifiers, CleanAir EXP, issued out a statement that it is not authenticated that their systems destroy the virus.

“We understand there is recent confusion around the claims made by one of our customers around our laboratory testing,” the company stated.

“We’re at the forefront of air and surface purification testing and technology – we tested with a third-party Certified Biosafety Laboratory on the best coronavirus surrogates available (Coronavirus 229E and Cystovirus Phi6) and found our patented technology leads to a 99.9% elimination of airborne corona virus surrogates.

“We do not, however, eliminate COVID-19 at this time. Our corona virus surrogate testing results are significant for the future of clean air. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with the CDC for additional laboratory testing and support the CDC’s guidelines on hygiene habits to prevent the spread of COVID-19.” they explained

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Technology not for protection

Jeffrey Siegal, professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Toronto, spoke to the Phoenix New Times with regards to the technology. He said: “ the technology is not going to do anything in terms of protecting people in that space. Period. We’re in the midst of this quite serious pandemic and health situation, and the last thing people need is false information about air cleaning technology.”

The church earlier posted a video to their Facebook page. However, the video has since been removed.


Meanwhile, Arizona’s Attorney General, Mark Brnovich, fired off a cease-and-desist letter to Arizona’s Dream City Church and CleanAir EXP. He asserted that they’re misrepresenting what CleanAir’s technology can actually do. He insisted that they haven’t shown any scientific proof to back up the claim that it neutralizes 99.9% of viruses that are”COVID-19 surrogates.”