Creative Miracle in the throat!

I had two surgeries to remove two masses in 2005 and 2008. The final surgery they removed the middle section my hyoid bone so it would not grow back again and they removed a portion of the back of my tongue that connects to the bone.

This anchors everything around your voice box. After that surgery in 2008, I had problem after problem with swallowing, barely able to eat and no hope. And worst of all the deepest hurt was no longer having the ability to sing and even reading books to my children was just too painful.

Doctors said there was no cure and they would have to “dream up” a surgery to just help me function. I was in constant pain and could barely eat.. I was frozen in fear. I desperately needed a creative miracle.

There is much more to this testimony but after much prayers, I experienced God’s creative miracle. What man said was not possible, God said otherwise. I was healed on a night, when prayers were made for a creative miracle in my throat, bone to grow and that the enemy was trying to silence me from leading worship.

Since that night I am back singing and playing my guitar at my church, sharing with others how I had been healed to sing again and no more swallow issues. Thanks to God for a creative miracle of healing which brought about this powerful testimony.

Source: Michelle Drago



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