Affordable Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

While your partner may have captured your heart, finding him the perfect Valentine’s Day gift doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, the true value of a heartfelt gift for your partner isn’t its cost, but rather its meaningful and memorable content. So instead of breaking a sweat over breaking the bank this Valentine’s Day, here are eight high-quality and low-cost gift ideas that are bound to have your mate on cloud nine this February 14th.

  1. Give something handmade.

If you’re looking to make a good impression without making a large dent in your wallet, a terrific option is make something yourself. Whether you bake chocolate chip cookies for her, decorate a jar full of his favorite candies or even make homemade and heart-shaped soap, showing off your creative side is a great way to show your partner just how much you care.

  1. Plan a meal.

Another great gift idea is to create a meal experience for your partner. Whether you bring her breakfast in bed, plan a picnic in the park or make him a candlelit dinner in your apartment, cooking for your significant other signifies that you still have the hots for him or her. After all, your partner will be able to see (and taste) just how much time and effort you put into planning something unique that’s designed especially for him or her.

  1. Give a novelty item.

A terrific way to give a low-cost present to your partner that’s high in value is to find something that specifically plays into his or her likes, interests and passions.

For instance, if she’s a cat lover, buying her cat-shaped slippers, gloves in the shape of cat paws, or even a beanie hat  with cat ears shows her that you’re literally and figuratively invested and supportive of her interests. Plus, you’ll already know going in that this will be the purr-fect gift for her.

  1. Make a photo gift.
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 If you want to give a picture-perfect present on a budget, creating a tailor-made photo gift is a terrific option. Whether you choose to make a personalized mug, calendar, or throw pillow, there are countless Valentine’s Day photo gift items that don’t involve throwing your money around. It’s also a great opportunity to utilize (and immortalize) all of those selfies you’ve taken together!

  1. Create romantic coupons.

Another fun and inexpensive Valentine’s Day gift idea is to make personalized coupons, tickets or vouchers that represent a romantic and enjoyable activity for your partner. For instance, you can create a coupon that entitles your partner to a foot massage from you, a cuddling session on the couch, or a moonlit stroll hand-in-hand. Not only is this a fun way to guarantee new and exciting moments with your partner on a budget, but it also creates an element of surprise as to when your partner decides to cash-in one of your coupons.

  1. Make a personalized date box.

 If you want to think outside the boring box of chocolates this Valentine’s Day, another inexpensive option is to decorate a gift box and pack it with everything you’d need for a fun date with your mate.

For example, if you’re planning to go on a hiking date, you can pack granola bars, sports drinks, trail mix, and even extra socks for the two of you. This one-of-a-kind date truly makes a great present for your plus one.

  1. An intangible gift.

Another meaningful and economical Valentine’s Day gift idea is to give something that simply can’t be bought. For instance, reading your partner a poem that you wrote for him or performing a song that you composed just for her is a gift that’ll truly resonate with your partner on many different levels. In fact, when you give something that’s directly from your heart, this gift will be far more meaningful and long-lasting than something purchased in a store.

  1. A handwritten love letter.
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If you’re looking to add an extra touch to an inexpensive gift, the perfect addition to any present is a handwritten love letter or card.

After all, texts, emails, and Facebook messages have become the norm, so when you take the time to write your partner a handwritten note this Valentine’s Day, this loving gesture is practically priceless.

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