Abundance in the Midst of Lack

We all know that this is a period of acute economic depression in the country. Inflation has risen to an all-time high, food and commodities prices have shot up in the last couple of months, as the naira has weakened considerably.
As believers, even though we are living in the world, our experience ought to be different. In Bible times when there was a great famine upon the earth, the children of Israel were living in the land od Goshen; a land untouched by famine. They had corn, wheat, wine and abundance of provision. As children of God, our experience ought to be different.

This brings me to the first point. Even though we are in the midst of severe economic depression, we must not make that our reality. We need to be aware of God’s goodness and provision. How to do that is to keep God’s Word as our focus. We need to keep scriptures that talk about God’s provision as our gaze. Recently I went shopping and I was appalled by how much expensive things had become; it was outrageous and I started lamenting, complaining. The Holy Spirit spoke up in me saying “change your confession, is lack your reality?” Then I began to change what I was saying, I started saying Psalm 23 The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not lack. My God shall supply all our needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus Phil4:19. We need to begin to talk about God’s goodness and how He can supply our needs. We need to make His grace and His ability to supply our needs our focus and awareness. When this becomes our consciousness, then God will begin to give us instructions and solutions out of the challenge.
We need to stop confessing the negative, stop talking about lack and poverty; stop complaining about the economic crises, even though you may be tempted to do so. This is because what we say often becomes our reality. Someone said today’s realities are results of yesterday’s confessions. So we need to talk positive in line with God’s Word on provision and abundance, so that it can become our reality.
Another key step in this period is multiple streams of income. More companies are retrenching their workers; you should not depend solely on one source of income particularly if the remuneration is paltry. Many of us have the benefit of youthfulness, we can work, and we can do many other things. Some even have fantastic business ideas latent in their minds. Now is the time to begin to plough your energy in the right direction.
Live in joy, beloved. Now is not the time to be saddened or depressed because of the economy. Now is the time to rejoice because in joy lies our strength. But if we are depressed and moody, the enemy will have opportunity to prevail on us.

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Go ahead and walk in His abundance!

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