Introducing Kerygma: The New Sound of Lyrical Theology

“Melodies” was our first experience with the Outburst Music Group which needless to say, took us all by surprise owing to its general acceptance, airplay and church rotation even when the music group was fairly unknown at the time. It was only a few months after, that the single, alongside 6 other tracks were packaged into a project called Kerygma album.

The Kerygma album is the debut album of the Outburst Music Group; music ministry of Celebration Church International. Outburst Music Group doesn’t necessarily possess a mind blowing artiste profile (No one possesses such before their debut project) but Kerygma essentially speaks for itself.

Kerygma is a Greek word that roughly translates to the preaching or proclamation of the Christian gospel and the album didn’t fail in passing that message home. In the seven track album, Outburst leads us through a key biblical instruction of speaking to ourselves in Psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Every song from “New Creation” to “Temple” teaches deep lessons about Jesus, his work on the cross and his work in the believer.

The importance of this, we think, might not be far-fetched. Seeing how much Church Culture in Nigeria has had to deal with as effect of legalism, varying doctrinal standpoints and mere motivation all watering down the effect of God’s potent word.

The album begins at what should be the beginning of our walk; “New Creation” after which the album peaks a few tracks later with “I see Jesus” (a live recording) and reaches another climax with “Melodies” after which the groovy chant-like song, “Temple” ends the album.

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Kerygma draws us back to the core; explaining the basics of the Christian faith and reinforcing the identity of the believer in Christ. The song reaches for what should be foundational Christian knowledge and presents it beautifully in a set of melodious and excellently recorded songs. Pastor Emmanuel Iren; lead pastor at Celebration Church who also doubles as the president and songwriter of the Music Group did no small job on the project.

The influence of a material like Kerygma might not be immediately obvious but we at the Church blog believe it will definitely be one that we would be grateful for in the nearest future. For a debut disc, Outburst Music has done well and beautifully so.

Kergyma is gospel; theology infused into every fibre of music. Whether or not, Outburst Music Group would be committed to this pattern and style of music, only time will tell.



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