While exhorting the congregation at the November 12 Sunday service from the promise of the week, which was taken from Matthew 7:7-8, Pastor Nomthi Odukoya said that believers have a duty to seek in order to find; ask in order to receive and knock in order for the door to be opened to them.

According to her, many believers who have reached their door of destiny have refused to knock. Some have just tapped the door once and never came back to find out if the door has been opened, while some who have persistently knocked were even too distracted to notice the door had been opened. “Don’t be in any of these categories as a believer. Don’t stop asking, seeking and knocking because that could be the only hindrance to your open doors,” she urged.

Pastor Nomthi also admonished the congregation during the Thursday Showers service saying that God, the good Shepherd, is always with His children and He is always there to lead and direct them. “When you think your end has come, it is just the beginning because nothing can end your life when your Shepherd has not said it. He is with you,” she said.

Speaking from Psalm 23:1-6, she said it does not matter how difficult life is or the things they are going through,His children need not fear because their Shepherd is with them and will bring them out of it.

According to her, some situations pose as death threats in order to dampen a believer’s spirit, but they are just shadows and not the real thing. She therefore encouraged them to always know that God is with them no matter what happens or wherever they find themselves. “You have nothing to fear because God is with you,” she said.