7 Signs of a Desirable Friend

A lot has been said about relationships among women, most portraying women in a negative light, harping on the animosity and jealousy that some women often have against other women. While some of those things may have their backing with facts, there is more to the relationships between women than those negative and demeaning mentions. If ever you have had a close friend, then I suppose I don’t need to tell you that there is something incredibly beautiful about friendship, especially among women.

Women, temperaments aside, are social creatures by nature. This is why we are able to effectively manage several types of relationships in our lives; daughter, sister, girlfriend or wife, mother and friend. Within us is the innate desire to be part of something which delivers to us affirmation, acceptance, and the sense that we are loved, wanted and appreciated. While familial relationships do fill this need, we are born into those, and not chosen; which is why friendships are cherished as they are relationships based on choice and selection.

It is sad that something so beautiful is often tainted with tales of betrayals, backstabbing, disappointments and other similar woes. While those may not be completely eliminated as we are indeed dealing with complex beings, they can be minimized by your selection of friends. If ever you have been in, or currently are in a friendship or relationship that often gives you cause to wonder, here are seven simple signs to look out for which could help you determine if the friendship is worth keeping.

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  1. A good friend is one who always tells you the truth in love. You know some people pride themselves on being brutally honest. However, truth-telling should go hand-in-hand with pure motives. A good friend will always have your best interest at heart when delivering the truth to you, which in turn makes the delivery more acceptable.
  2. A good friend will always stay close to you; through the good times and the bad ones. I recall when I lost my older sister; it was a harrowing time for us all. I had this friend who would come every day, just talk, help me with my chores around the house, spend time with my mum, and then return home later. The thing is, I don’t even remember if she said any words of comfort to me at the time, but I alwaysremember that she was there, just there. Even now, sixteen years later, when I look back at that time in my life, I remember her presence more than words anyone spoke to attempt giving comfort.
  • A good friend gives sound advice whether you ask for it or not. Even when you don’t take it and you eventually make a mistake, that same friend is still there with you.
  1. A good friend makes you a better person. There are people in our lives around whom we behave better, think more clearly, talk more confidently. It’s not us pretending to be who we are not because we know the person accepts us as we are, we just find that there’s something about being with this person that refines us.
  2. A good friend loves you, stands by you and remains constant. In this changing world, everyone wants some sort of balance in their lives; their very own lighthouse, if you will. Someone whose love, compassion and presence can always be relied on.
  3. A good friend helps appreciate the other people in your life, acknowledging that they are part of the reason why you are who you are.
  • A good friend is a help in times of trouble, whatever those troubles may be. A good friend realizes that there is a time to correct, criticize or just silently support.
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Desirable friends are like a well-worn robe. If you have some of those, cherish them, if you don’t yet, be a desirable friend to someone in your circle and watch it come back to you.




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