5 Ways to Have a December to Remember with Family in your Hometown

Christmas in the Village

December is a time when many Nigerians leave their abode in the city and hit the road to travel to their hometown. A hometown that they probably visit once a year. Although some Nigerians don’t look forward to such an unaccustomed life in the countryside, you can make it a memorable December despite your reservations. So, whether you are travelling to Nnewi in the Southeast or to Zaria in the North, Jumia Travel, gathers ways you can have a memorable Christmas with your family even if you are in your hometown.

Organise a family reunion

The perception some Nigerians have about visiting their hometown and hobnobbing with family members can discourage you from organising a reunion. But family is everything. They are the ones you ask for assistance when you need it. Then if you have the opportunity to bring them together under one roof to wine and dine, you should take advantage of it. Invite them to an evening party at your family house. You will meet distant cousins, nephews, uncles and aunties whom you have never met. It is a very good feeling!

Go hiking with your children

Imagine that you are in your unspoilt village where civilisation is yet to massively encroach. It will be a wonderful moment to go hiking with your children. You show them the town halls, the stream where the village fetches water, and visit places where you all can have fun soaked in joy and laughter. Your children will always remember these moments. A mix of life in the city and in the countryside will give them a better perspective to life. They know that life is not all about the city.

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Enjoy street food or local delicacy at a restaurant

If you grew up in your hometown, you know that nearly everything is natural and undiluted. This is why you should enjoy your favourite street food or local delicacy at your preferred spot. You won’t want to leave. This is because you will get the real taste.

Check out festivals

Because the people who reside in the village know that December is the period where family and friends who reside in the city return home, they usually fix festivals at this time. At the same time, family meetings are scheduled for this period. So, don’t miss these festivals. For example, in some parts of Enugu, they usually have their masquerade festivals in December. You can even book a hotel if the celebration runs into the night. Don’t forget to go with your spouse.

Relive village experience with childhood friends

You don’t just visit your hometown and leave without helloing your childhood friends. In fact, it is an opportunity to relive your childhood experiences. You talk about the shenanigans you engaged in over a calabash of palm wine and goat meat. You will return to the city a much happier person and your reservations about the village will have evaporated.


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