5 Things That Block Your Creativity

Bringing an idea to life is one of the most exciting things an inspiring entrepreneur can experience. Watching how your bravest idea is becoming a business with the potential to grow and flourish is very motivational for all innovators and visionary leaders. But where do great ideas come from? They are a product of inspiration, vision and passion seasoned with a pinch of creative spark.

Creativity is essential element of the lives of entrepreneurs and plays a key role in the development of every innovation-oriented business venture. Having a creative block is very frustrating for the entrepreneurs so identifying the reasons for it can help you prevent it from happening. What are the biggest killers of creativity, you may wonder? Here you will find five of them!

Stress – Stress is the cause of many entrepreneurial struggles – it distracts the business owners, lowers their productivity, makes them unfocused and in times even easily irritated. Many entrepreneurs are feeling overwhelmed by the never ending task flow and the obstacles that they have to constantly overcome. Stress is the biggest killer of creativity and often is the reason why the entrepreneurs feel that the lack of unique ideas and solutions is getting to them.

Time pressure – Many entrepreneurs find themselves galloping through tasks that don’t require creative approach to be handled and are filling their to-do lists with work that can be mechanically done. Dealing with many small tasks is not only extremely time consuming, but is also creating one feeling of constant business and unrealistic urgency, which can be a killer of productivity, focus and creativity.

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Lack of confidence – A significant number of first-time entrepreneurs give up on pursuing their dreams because they don’t believe enough in themselves. The lack of confidence puts a great stop on creativity and holds back many innovative thinkers from making the leap to starting a business or the development of new product or feature.

Fear of failure – Everyone makes mistakes. Nobody is immune to taking wrong decision or creating something that is not as great as it was planned to be. Entrepreneurs are no strangers to this bitter feeling of failure, but obsessing over previous mistakes does not bring any good and the fear of failure can actually be very harmful for the creative thinking processes of the business owners.

Limiting your creative space – If you look for inspiration only during the time you are in the office, you are limiting your creative genius. There is no just one place or just certain hours of the day that are perfect for generating new ideas, finding new solutions or inspiring innovation. Don’t get stuck in the office waiting for the next Aha! moment to come. Get out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself, put yourself in different situations and you may be surprised by the creative spark that you may experience.

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