5 Myths about Leadership

Myth#1 – Leadership is a rare gift not given to everyone

It is considered so that one can only be born as a leader and cannot become one. This is not true. Leadership cannot be taught, it can only be learnt. There are a lot more people than it is considered who have a potential to become good organizers. As the majority of skills, leadership requires time, trainings, and working under mistakes. The key feature that makes people leaders – is the ability to take care of others. Agree, this is not a unique feature at all. The second feature is the sense of mission, aim. A leader targets a goal and makes a direction of where to go. The question is whether others will follow or hunt him?..

Myth #2 — A leader should be charismatic


Yes, many leaders are charismatic which means they possess extraordinary personal qualities and authority. However, when inspecting it deeper, it appears that most of successful managers don’t. Most of the worldwide known personalities have their negative sides and problems. Social skills are more important for leaders, than technical ones. You can become charismatic and enhancing only with help of your mission and the work you do. Not on the contrary.

Of course, that a charismatic leader uses less resources to get results. From another side, the charismatic management system is more fragile as it is concentrated around one personality. If anything happens to that person – the system will collapse.


Myth #3 – An effective leadership is based on control, compulsion, and manipulation

Not at all. The most effective leadership is based on the personal example and the ability to inspire. Leadership is working more for the future than for the past. A leader is the person you follow to places you wouldn’t venture yourself. And people go after him because they share his view and his goal.

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A good leader helps people become better than they are. He creates a working atmosphere that attracts and motivates employees.


Myth #4 – A leader is a person of a high position/range/title

Genuine leadership is not based on the position. It is based on the performance, effectiveness, and possibilities.

Many of the people witnessed cases when the “leaders” were assigned to the high positions, which demoralized the people and damaged the business. Best companies are trying hard to raise as many leaders as they possibly can. People are attracted to those whom they respect, who can become an example, who can teach, and who can become a model to emulate.


Myth #5 – Good leaders possess a higher educational level than other people

There is no connection between the amount of diplomas, their prestige value and the level of leadership qualities. When it comes to managing people, the best teacher is experience, and the best driving fuel – is your will.

Formal education will help you to feed, self-education will bring you money, and your will – will give you the power. Many of famous political and business gurus didn’t even graduate from higher educational establishments. They said, “There are magnificent models of a nonexistent world being created in business-schools”. Learning – is a study of rules. Experience – is a study of exceptions. And big leaders set up their own rules.

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