3 Facts about Complete Dressing for a Man

What constitutes a complete dressing for a man? Once you ask this question, so many responses come to mind. And answers differ based on the belief of different men. A complete dressing is a responsible form of dressing that promotes decency while following the principles of dressing. Some men see dressing as a necessity; such mindset should be a mainstay for men. In every bit dressing is a requisite; it is a basic pattern that takes the proper knowledge to run appropriately. The right knowledge, equips, empowers and strengthens a man’s thought in the direction of his actions.

It is important to clarify that those who are not properly dressed are not entirely clothed. Incomplete dressing is being celebrated by young adult males today. They appear in public places on a singlet, making their underwears visible. When addressed, they say it is fashionable. Fashion does not promote irresponsibility, which is what many portray when they dress. The challenge is that it has been accepted as the norm in the society. Unlike the ideology that was rampant during the 80’s, where proper dressing was the norm of the society.

Irresponsible dressing in its incompleteness is being celebrated today. Those who should be the epitome of exemplary cases are the aces who are promoting incomplete dressing. They showcase them on the media and other public spaces, specifying it as fashion while attempting to fix it as the acceptable manner of our everyday life. Our grooming is part of our daily life and it speaks about how we think and our perception about our appearance. Promoting complete dressing now looks old, because it goes against the so called trending fashion. Young adult males do not look at men who encourage responsible and complete dressing as examples. This is becoming socially consuming as it is now all around us. This article intends to correct, the indecent, irresponsible and incomplete form of dressing that is being celebrated in the society today as trending fashion. Stylists and fashion designers are conscious of the fact that civilisation has to be protected, responsibility has to be promoted and dressing has to be managed with tact. I do wonder where young men took the idea that fashionable styles promote irresponsible and indecent dressing. I think it is because of assimilation and the destruction of genuine values that promotes responsibility. Here are facts about complete dressing for men – complete and responsible dressing:

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1. Does not expose your underwear: Complete or responsible dressing does expose your underwear in any form. As the name goes underwear should be under and should not be seen. When your underwear is revealed, it is a sort of incomplete dressing. For instance, when you wear a singlet and jeans and appear in public, it portrays irresponsibility and sends a wrong image about your personality. In whatever dress pattern you want to put on, you should see to it that your singlet is under your shirt. As elementary as it sounds, it determines how complete your dressing appears. There are also some polo-shirts that are designed to be worn without underwears like singlets. When you brush off the visibility of such intentions to move against it, what happens is that they will expose your underwears or they will be seen directly on such fabrics.

2. Stick to the rules: There are rules that regulate almost everything. If you don’t abide by the principles that govern a particular subject, then the misuse is inevitable. Most young men don’t even know that there are rules that govern dressing which is the reason they abuse it. When they try to invent their own fashion, they promote irresponsibility and irregularities. For illustration, you see a

some young men fold a sleeve of their shirt, leaving the other one straight. That is wrong.

3. Promotes the proper values: One of the attribute of complete dressing is that it promotes the proper values. Complete dressing promotes what is right against what is wrong. Some of the virtues include: covering your private parts properly; putting on appropriate dressing among others.


I conclude with this note that against the indecent, irresponsible and incomplete dressing being celebrated today, you can choose to promote the right form of dressing and be an example for others to follow.

‘Good example is far better than a good precept’ – Dwight L. Moody

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