28 Days in Coma but God Brought Me Back To Life!

In the afternoon of Friday July 31, 2009, just five months after renewing his relationship with the Lord. Bro Mabogunje received a call from his father, requesting that he travelled down to Ijebu Ode for some urgent discussion. Although he normally would have taken off from the office after work but on this occasion Mabogunje decided not to travel that evening, he postponed the journey till the following day. It was a journey from which he almost never returned alive. Hear his story:

“On Saturday, the 1st of August, 2009, at about 6. 30am, I embarked on the journey to Ijebu Ode.

Somewhere on the Lagos – Ibadan express way after the Redemption Camp just before the AP filling station, I had a ghastly accident with my car-it was crushed! How I survived it is by His Grace. I really do not know what caused the accident or how it even happened. I cannot remember. All I see are the pictures of the wrecked car. 

Mabogunje said all he recalled was waking up 28 days later in the Intensive Care Unit of the University College Teaching Hospital Ibadan. He had been in a coma for 28 days!

When the accident happened, he was pulled from the wreckage and presumed dead by the rescuers and then taken to a nearby private hospital by one of the rescuers. At the hospital, it was discovered that he was still alive but unconscious but his life was hanging in the balance. He was then rushed to the Ogun State Teaching Hospital Sagamu (OSUTH). By this time his parents, family and friends had been contacted and all had arrived the hospital.

On assessing him and after running a CT scan, the doctors discovered that although he had no broken bones, he suffered a severe head injury and as a result was bleeding into the left side of his brain. Medically, there are three levels on the scale in assessing head injuries; Mild, Moderate and Severe, he was on the extreme end of the scale.

“When my parents asked for what was to be done, the doctors advised a procedure that was going to have my head drilled to drain the blood and release the pressure. At that point my mother, who is a pastor with the Redeemed Christian Church of God asked what the chances of my survival and recovery were if the procedure was done. The doctors could not give her a satisfactory response but they needed her consent to go ahead because the more they delayed the slimmer the chances of my survival. By faith, she refused and instead called on God. By this time consultative phone calls began flying around home and abroad trying to get the next best option but my mother kept praying and trusting God.

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“At about 6:30 pm, my cousins rushed into the hospital and told her not let them go ahead with the procedure that they had made some contacts in a few places and that landed me in UCH, Ibadan with one of the top Neurosurgeons. We arrived at the emergency wing of UCH at about 10:30 pm; I was assessed, received and given all the necessary preliminary treatment. Don„¢t forget I was still unconscious and bleeding into the brain,  he says further.

Even with all the hustles and running around, his mother did not stop praying. The doctor who was assumed to be able to offer a solution had called to say that there was only a 50/50 chance of survival and even if he did survive, the young man was not going to be the same person. The mother had told the doctor that a 50 per cent survival chance with God was more than enough for her. At that point, all that the doctor and mother could do was join their faith in prayers.

He explains: “Because I had gone into coma the doctors couldn„¢t really do anything until I attained a certain level of consciousness. All they could do was to take me to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and hook me onto different machines to monitor my vital signs and hope I come out of it.  A couple of days into the coma, the bleeding miraculously subsided and by the end of the first week the bleeding stopped but he was still deep in coma. By the end of the second week, he was taken off the ventilator but when he showed signs of difficulty in breathing, he was placed on a tracheostomy, a procedure that involved his throat being split open and a breathing device attached.

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By the beginning of the third week, concerns were raised because when a person goes into a coma for that long, there are usually fears about complications such as loss of motor skills and memory loss amongst others and he was closing in to his third week. By the 25th day, Bro Magobunje began showing signs of improvement. His mother’s prayers were answered on the 28th day when he opened his eyes.

God gave him victory and wrestled him from the hands of death. “I was alive but I was a vegetable. The best I could do was communicate with eye signals, for a YES I had to blink twice and once for a NO. I could not move a hair talk less of a limb. My situation was that bad. 

All this while, he did not realize the true magnitude of his situation. Being an independent person, who preferred to do things without soliciting help, was in shock when he realized he was wearing diapers.

Though he wrestled to move his body, his mind was willing but the body blatantly refused to co-operate.

In his words, “I was just flipped, tossed and turned. It was like changing diapers for a baby. At that point tears of realisation streamed down my cheek. Because he had been in coma that long, he had lost significant amount of motor skills and already with a combination of the head injury and coma he was already showing signs of partial paralysis. However, there is nothing too difficult for God to do.

A couple of weeks into my recovery the doctors came to assess me and signified that I had mysteriously improved beyond expectation and would be discharged to continue recovery at home in the midst of family and friends but I would have to be coming periodically so they could monitor my recovery.

It was a mystery such that fellow patients wondered how possible it was for Mr Mabogunje to be discharged having being admitted in the worst state and is now being discharged earliest when there were others in less critical situations still on admission.

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On his discharge, he asked the doctor how long his recovery would take and he was given an average of 5 years but not without a number of side effects such as amnesia, occasional blackouts and headaches amongst others. In response, the patient “feebly managed to click my fingers over my head (that was a herculean task) saying God forbid- if He did not let me die then recovery was small business for him. The doctor smiled.

Indeed God forbade it. Within a couple of months he was back at work. Fourteen months down the line he got married to his friend, Kechiturukanma, whom he said had been used as a vessel of the Lord for support for his mother and encouragement through his recovery.

Sharing his testimony a few weeks ago, Bro Mabojunge wrote: “today, I give thanks to my Saviour, the Almighty Healer; He snatched me from the hands of death and brought me back to life. Every time I see the doctors, they are always baffled at my recovery because there is no trace of paralysis, my motor skills and reflexes are back on point, no amnesia, and no blackout episodes whatsoever. When asked about the secret to my supernatural and speedy recovery, I tell them. It is God; In Him I live, I move and have my being.

He says each time the doctors gave their reports and prognosis; he rejected it consistently and reminded God of His words that he had received by the virtue of being a member of The Fountain Of Life Church. In the couple of months he joined, he memorized the Psalm of protection, Psalm 91 with special reference to verse 16. “With long life shall He satisfy me and show me His salvation and God honoured His word in his life.

Credit: Fountain of Life Church Testimony

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