19-Year Old Christian University Student Refuses Vaccine

A 19-year old Christian university student at the University of Birmingham in the US has refused the coronavirus vaccine. The university student, Jackie Gale has based her refusal on her religion. She claims she is only obeying the Word of God as the Bible commands Christians to honour God regarding the care for their bodies. According to Gale, this means not injecting extra chemicals into the body for any reason whatsoever.  Even if it means denying oneself of protection from coronavirus.

Following her refusal to take the vaccine, Gale has also challenged the university’s mandatory vaccine policy. She claims she has been blocked from registering for classes in the new semester, despite being allowed to do so in the previous semester without being vaccinated.

The university student has hired the services of a lawyer, as the university has told her that she has to submit proof of her immunizations in order to register for classes. Gale further claims that the school has not been forthcoming in her efforts to get the issue rectified. Instead, they have put up a wall of resistance, hindering communication and quick resolution of the matter.

Gale’s lawyer has proceeded to institute legal action against the university. He asserts that their refusal to recognize Ms Gale’s religious rights violates both Federal and State laws. He seeks to push the university to revise its policies to avoid discriminating against its students.

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