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135 Churches and 16,000 people join together praying: ‘God Can Heal all of the Unrest’

Christians numbering thousands from dozens of diverse churches recently took to the streets of San Diego for a massive prayer effort.

“We Pray San Diego” is a prayer movement among many churches seeking God for their city and nation in the midst of corona virus pandemic trials.

Prayer for the city

135 churches took part with nearly 16,000 people hitting the sidewalks, parks and other public places just to pray for their city.

The senior pastor of San Diego’s Rock Church, Miles McPherson, highlighted the massive turnout at the rally last weekend.

McPherson states that between the pandemic and protests, the city has been hit hard, like many others across the nation.

God can heal the unrest

“God can heal all of the unrest, he can bring good out of evil and good out of pain. We’re going to see, I believe, a transformation of San Diego and our country as we go through this,” McPherson remarked.


People could be observed in seven different prayer sites bowing their heads and lifting their hands in prayer, crying out to God for their city.

McPherson says he believes they are going to see the fruit of this prayer effort in the days and weeks to come across the city in people’s lives and hearts.

God always hears

“I know that God always hears our cries, and I can’t wait to hear what God has done, not only in people’s hearts, but in families and businesses, in people’s health and relationships,” he remarked. “I believe over the next days and weeks and months we’re gonna see the fruit of what happened today.”

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In addition, among those who joined include: city leaders, a US representative, congressman, mayors, county supervisors, council members. Also included are another 8,600 who joined online through social media.

The event in San Diego is just one example of Christians rising up to fight a spiritual battle during these turbulent times. As CBN News has reported, a revival has been taking place in the streets of Minneapolis. This is where numerous souls have found peace and healing in Christ.

Racism must die

Furthermore in Atlanta, thousands of Christians recently came together peacefully on Juneteenth to reject racism and pray together. The event took place during the OneRace Movement’s “March on Atlanta”.

Moreover in smaller cities like Lakeland, FL, a racially diverse crowd of Christians united in prayer to proclaim, “In the name of Jesus, racism must die”.